Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Secret Identity

The duality of a secret identity is appealing. Day job stinks? Take on an alternate identity at night, roaming the world to do good as someone you cannot be in your "real" life.
But beware the downside - that is, your alternate self isn't the main character. That's the point of a secret identity. People you meet as alter-you, can not be known to day job you, so if you meet your sole-mate whilst roaming the earth doing good, you'll be in an awful situation. Can you assume your secret identity full-time? Can you sever the ties to regular life you? Give up your job (ok, that's not such a great loss, right?), give up your house/family/pet/hobbies/obligations and so on? Probably not so easy.

Still, it's worth dreaming about while you're sitting in your minuscule cubicle, doing your mind-numbing work, for a salary that probably doesn't allow you to fly off to Paris at a moments notice...

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